Sunday, September 18, 2011

Assignment #2 Key Item for Fall 2011

Leather Skirts
Fall 2011
Leather skirts are a must have for this Fall. They are so versatile and can be worn in different ways and on various occasions; they can be feminine or edgy. Here are a few pictures of my favorite leather skirts (mostly in black) for Fall 201
xoxo Ashley

Above is a picture of myself (middle) and my friend's Melissa (left) & Aubrey (right) on Fashions Night Out. Melissa and Aubrey have a blog called The Tailored Two and they are fashion design majors at FIT. Melissa is wearing one of her own creations, a black leather skirt.

This was at the Coach Store on Madison Ave on FNO
Melissa and Aubrey are with a Blogger named Kelly Framel, author of The Glamourai.


  1. Gorgeous post darling! We love leather skirts;)

  2. I love leather skirts, but the fun pleats and wide waistband really make the skirts even more playful to wear!

  3. totally agree on the leather skirts! i think there also in! super cute

  4. I love the leather skirts! They're very versatile, you can make them super edgy or pair them with something more delicate for a pretty look!