Saturday, September 24, 2011

Assignment #3 NY Times Blog

One of my favorite designers is Tory Burch and she just debuted her first formal runway show on September 13 for Spring 2012. Eric Wilson wrote the NY Times blog post called Tory Burch on Fantasy Island. Naturally I loved the title, it describes Tory Burch's show in a nutshell. 

The show took place in a glass wall lobby at the Alice Tully Hall. The author describes the ascetics as sounds of waves crashing, piano playing and french signing, which just sounds so theatrical. He also writes that when one walks into a Tory Burch Show they almost sense as if someone turned you into an "Upper East Side blonde with a car and a driver, at least for the day." 

As for the collection she did not shy away from color, beading, fringe or prints. There were vintage printed dresses and with lady like, tweed jackets with soft shoulders. All models wore their hair in low, loose pony tails that were parted to the side. 

The author seemed as if he was let down when he had leave the imaginative fantasy world of the Tory Burch Fashion Show.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the show
xoxo Ashley refers to Tory Burch's style as:
 "Upper East Side preppy goes to Palm Beach, with a sixties cocktail-party twist—add it all up and you've got Tory Burch."

This collection seemed inspired by Coco Chanel & 1920s era

I absolutely love Tory Burch's signature necklaces!

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  1. i also thought that this collection was amazing! i loved everything about it and when watching it i also did think that it was on an island when watching it!