Friday, October 21, 2011

Assignment #6 Inspirational Fashion Videos

Fashion Videos - Gucci
I choose my fashion videos on Gucci. I have always loved Gucci since I was a little girl and I have seen my Mother and Nannie dress in Gucci, it has always been so impressionable to me! Their bags have always been so iconic! Now I look for vintage Gucci bags and shop Gucci's new collections as well. I love that they came out with an adorable children's line and I can not wait to dress my future kids in fabulous Gucci clothes and accessories!
xoxo Ashley

"Gucci GG"

"Fall/Winter 2011-2012"

"Children's 2011 Advertising Campaign"


  1. I am not personally a big fan of the Gucci brand, but i respect the direction and and clean style of their collection. Watching the video ads they have created provides a good idea of who they want their customer to be, how they want them to feel, and more importantly how they want them to dress. There is a mood that is created which implies how they want men, women, or children to act or feel when they wear Gucci. The adult brand is obviously more serious and their goal is for men and women to feel powerful and sexy. The children's line is still clean cut, but they wanted to project a fun and whimsical mood that reflects children's attitudes. There is a sense of a lifestyle they are creating with the Gucci brand.

  2. I loved Gucci's ad campaign for Fall/Winter 2011. The play on light and colors in the video was really creative-- sometimes I was focused on the lipstick, other times, the fur. And in other fragments of the video I was focused on the drapery of the gowns. Gucci never fails to amaze me when it comes to their designs and advertisements

  3. hey when i think of Gucci i think of Italy, it has that feeling that always brings me back to there. these ads are very good in helping my case out! i love your blog and totally love Gucci even more!